Parisa Emam, MS, LMFT

Location: Ballard

Contact information:



Phone: 206-898-8824


Parisa’s (she/her) approach to therapy is trauma-informed and rooted in social justice. She believes people are not defined by their problems, and that each person already possesses incredible resilience to thrive in difficult times. Trained in Couples and Family Therapy, she attends to the impact of relationships, environment, and context on the stressors that bring you into therapy. Therapy with Parisa can help you identify positive changes you would like to make in your life, and support you in accessing your unique resources for growth. Clients of Parisa experience strengths-based care that incorporates aspects of mindfulness practice, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) skills, and expressive arts. She practices from a weight-neutral, HAES® perspective, and is passionate about serving clients of marginalized identities, including LGBTQIA folks, people with disabilities and chronic illness, people of color, and adolescents. Parisa is accompanied in therapy by Idgie, a trained service dog who performs tasks to assist Parisa with her disability, and whose goofy grins bring smiles to Parisa’s clients. Outside of the therapy room, Parisa can be found exploring nature with her pup, writing, engaging in disability justice work, and cooking Persian food with her family and friends.