Meghan Cichy, RDN, CEDRD, CD

Location: Kent

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Phone: 425-209-0593 ext. 3 then ext. 704

Fax: 425-209-0593

*Meghan will be out on maternity leave until November 1st and will be responding to emails sporadically.


Meghan (she/her) is passionate about working with her clients from a weight neutral, Health at Every Size ® perspective and believes in self-compassion as a foundation for re-building trust, connection, and confidence with ones own body.

Meghan is a traditionally trained dietitian, however, her philosophical approach to nutrition counseling is anything but. She focuses on centering her clients as an expert in their own explorations and healing process, and supports her clients in building connection and confidence in their own innate intuition.

Meghan believes that all bodies, regardless of size, shape, color, ability, age, or gender identity deserve access to respectful and high quality care. Her work with clients incorporates weight neutral approaches to self care utilizing a Health at Every Size approach. She works with her clients to support them in defining health for themselves and dismantling the idea that health is a moral obligation. Meghan also recognizes that her clients needs are vast and diverse. She takes the time to consider the big picture of her clients’ lives and lived experience in order to best support her clients in their food and body healing work. She utilizes a flexible approach to food and eating grounded in reconnecting to hunger, fullness, appetite, satiety, and pleasure.

Meghan is a Certified Eating Disorder Registered Dietitian (CEDRD) and is currently working towards her Body Trust certification. She enjoys working with clients who are interested in healing and strengthening their relationship with food and their body. Because Meghan recognizes that everyone comes to this work at a different point on the body liberation continuum she is eager to meet her clients where they are and enjoys walking the path along side them.

Meghan’s personal life aligns with her professional life as she finds great joy in supporting her preschooler and infant in discovering the wonder of their body and pleasure in their eating. Her recreational reading leads her to deeper dives into social justice and anti-oppression work, and she finds joy in spending time in the outdoors and engaging in group movement like hiking and soccer.