Elissa Dahl, MS, LMHCA, CN

Location: Ballard

Contact Information:


Phone: 206-309-4128


Elissa (she/her) is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate and Certified Nutritionist who is passionate about helping people access their own inner wisdom to create more peaceful and fulfilling relationships with their bodies and minds. Elissa approaches therapy from a person-centered, strengths-based and bio-psycho-social-spiritual perspective. A therapeutic relationship with Elissa is a collaborative journey, acknowledging that you are the expert of you and you have unique strengths that have helped you navigate the world. She works to help you examine the social, environmental, relational contexts, and other interrelated systems that contribute to your well-being as well as your struggles.

Elissa’s therapeutic approach is grounded in social justice, Health at Every Size®, and intersectional feminism. She believes that the multifaceted identities that we embody contribute to how we experience the world and that oppression experienced in relation to these identities contributes to disruption and distress in mental and physical wellbeing. Through collaboration, curiosity, warmth, and compassion, Elissa will help you explore how all of these factors contribute to your lived experiences and will help you to cultivate a sense of resilience and self-compassion. Elissa incorporates narrative therapy, feminist therapy, motivational interviewing, and mindfulness-based techniques such as breath work and guided meditation to help her clients uncover and nourish their own stories of healing.

Elissa enjoys working with teenagers, adults, and couples. Her combined nutrition and clinical health psychology degree provides her with a unique and compassionate perspective to work with people who are coping with eating disorders and disordered eating. She is particularly passionate about helping people who struggle with body shame navigate the path to body acceptance and body compassion. Elissa is committed to providing a safe and non-judgmental space for EVERY BODY to express and explore their own individual story.