Rooted Heart Healthcare

Providing patients space to explore their own needs

Rooted Heart Healthcare, PLLC is a Healthcare cooperative that came together in response to a need for non-stigmatizing, weight neutral, anti-oppressive healthcare.

This group of practitioners have done and are continuing to do their own liberation work in order to provide their clients with the most ample space to explore their own needs and intuitive wisdom.

We believe that each person knows, intuitively, what is best for their own bodies, health, mental health, and wellness. We are unique in healthcare in that we do not view ourselves as the “experts.” We see each of you as the experts of you.

Unfortunately, healthcare and many other industries can inhibit our attunement to our wisdom. We see health more as a homecoming than as something outside of us that we need to attain. We are honored to partner with you in regaining your trust in you.

We do our best to remain conscious and compassionate and we work to help everyone to feel welcome. To that end, let us state that we welcome people of all races, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, religion, disability, age, genetic information, veteran status, ancestry, national, or ethnic origin. We also emphatically welcome people of all sizes and shapes and embrace a Health at Every Size paradigm


We see each of you as the experts of you.